The Wee Retreat in Glasgow ran the inaugural workshops for Glasgow-city of poets in 2021. Please contact them if you would like to participate in 2022.

I am a writer. My first published poem, about love's endurance, appeared in 1972 in Messenger of Love, edited by Jamaican thinker Wildorf E Goodison-Orr.

I cook. I longed for spatulas and pans even before I could lift them. Food, and community with people through eating, balances writing.

I quilt. Making a whole out of fragments is something that satisfies.

I parent. I have parented seven children, not all of my own making.

My life has been a charmed and a blessed one. I am fortunate to be here, to have lived well and met so many people and places. I like to think that the experience of love has informed my writing, my parenting, and the meals that I share.


My beginnings were not so happy. I was an abandoned child of mixed heritage. One grandparent was born on the rez. Another was a descendant of the Trail of Tears. It marked them and those of us who followed. Yet I was gathered up by some extraordinary people. To them I owe the stable platform upon which all else has been built.


Sometimes blood has nothing to do with love at all.