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for ANNE

Currently working with the

SHE program

on behalf of GILDED LILY

Govan, March & April 2023

Now available for YouTube viewing

Anne on Poets Time, August 2022

 Interview with Linda Jackson

Grateful recipient of a

Bridport Prize memoir bursary

September 2022

Featured Poet •  City of Poets,

September 2022


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International Women's Day - 2023



for the girls attending the SHE programme at Gilded Lily

in Govan, Glasgow, Scotland – March 2023

When young, our blank pages fill day by day,

seared by stages with words THEY say:

the cruel, the kind, the thoughtless drivel...

...brands a mind, makes words a missile.


Armed, defensive, our lives made small,

we're soon offensive, quick to maul.

Chapters from our bruised lives

can make us raptors – “Bring out the knives!”


I see us bold, have another view,

and hold a vision of me and you,

where we yield no ground, give up no mark,

sing out our sound, move from the dark.


For while we can't erase what THEY write,

I see us taser it with our light.

I see you choose where you look.

and lose the branding of THEIR book.

first published March 8, 2023

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