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• in the smoke of the sagebrush •


Em Hammond, deep in widowhood, uncovers a small family secret.
Henry Sands, trauma specialist, has a secret of his own.
Cathy Hanson is just a hairdresser, trying to get an education and move up in the world.
A group of young arsonists unite them in a search to heal...
Set in North Carolina and Southwold UK, the vast plains of Missouri and the ancient mountain of Big Bear, this is a thriller, a love story, a vision quest, and a celebration of what is common in the cultures of Islam, Native American lore, Icelandic epics and Hinduism...

...a novel about...a kind of is the raw power of grief that makes the book so memorable...

Stephen Lewis, YORK PRESS


This book has a big heart...full of wisdom about the human condition 

Miranda Castro, HOMEOPATH & WRITER


It reminded me of The Bone People...

Morgan Ladd, DR GOURMET

in the smoke of the sagebrush 
published 2004 by ENDpapers Ltd
isbn 978-0-9563980-4-8

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