writing as Anne Sikking

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song of granada 

isbn 978-0-9563980-2-4

published 2014 by Collage International - also available in Spanish: Canción de Granada

isbn 978-0-9563980-3-1


The novel attracted considerable controversy in Spain, first locally as an alleged threat to the security of the Alhambra monument, and then nationally as press criticism concerning freedom of

expression became a short-lived national conversation. In fact, the book contains no violence, no gratuitous sex and

not a single swear word. In the video footage, Anne Sikking addresses some of these concerns.

...Europe’s foremost Islamic monument is under siege. Captive are a visiting British choir and some local residents. Outside is the Army, the national police, a US observer and the world waiting to see if it is about to blow sky high. So why the demand for a midwife? What are the local children up to? Which gypsies are involved? Where do the terrorists come from and how does New York and  9/11 relate to it?

In a tightly woven, fast paced tale men, women, a host of children and the good people of Andalucía confront each other and themselves. Against the backdrop of the eternal lyric of Federico García Lorca they all arrive at a surprising resolution.

​A work of art that mixes history and reality. The action unfolds over three days and takes the reader through them with a fearsome intensity. Anne Sikking's poetic style delivers us a Granada...that is at the same time both fragile and luminous.                     

Juan de Dios Jerónimo - RADIO COPE

festival of angels - isbn 978-0-9563980-2-4

published 2003 by ENDpapers Ltd

When Police Constable Jack Fisher pulls Carmen Romero’s liquor license at The Palace at first she believes it is for legal reasons. But as she finds that The Palace is a cog in the local drug trafficking machine she wonders if it is operated by the police force itself. As Carmen's strange past emerges Jack is ready to pull more than a license to get to the bottom of it. Johnny Wing, sound engineer, immigrant and loner watches it all with his own agenda to service...

Against the backdrop of York’s annual ice event, Festival of Angels, an intricate web of lies and intrigue ensnares them all. And when Jack’s own child goes missing, nothing seems to add up.

“With over forty characters this is story telling on a grand scale..."

"The drugs racket is just a sprinkling of angel dust on a story which is principally about a much deeper issue...Of what is the Spirit made? In this case not of family, religion or ethnicity, but of trust and accident of place...”
Karen Maitland, DREAMCATCHER

“I haven’t enjoyed a book so much since I read Captain Corelli’s Mandolin” 
Patricia Neal, Derby

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in the smoke of the sagebrush 

isbn 978-0-9563980-4-8

published 2004 by ENDpapers Ltd

Em Hammond, deep in widowhood, uncovers a small family secret. Henry Sands, trauma specialist, has a secret of his own. Cathy Hanson is just a hairdresser, trying to get an education and move up in the world. A group of young arsonists unite them in a search to heal... Set in North Carolina and Southwold UK, the vast plains of Missouri and the ancient mountain of Big Bear, In the Smoke of the Sagebrush is a thriller, a love story, a vision quest, and a celebration of what is common in the cultures of Islam, Native American lore, Icelandic epics and Hinduism...

...a novel about...a kind of is the raw power of grief that makes the book so memorable...

Stephen Lewis, YORK PRESS


This book has a big heart...full of wisdom about the human condition 

Miranda Castro, HOMEOPATH & WRITER


It reminded me of The Bone People...

Morgan Ladd, DR GOURMET