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A Vision shared_edited.jpg

A Vision Shared,
published 1990 by Food & Futures
ISBN: 9780951168974

An account of an economic development program amongst three disadvantaged groups in Calderdale West Yorkshire in the 1980s and how they resulted in employment for people from a wide range of backgrounds.

Organising Your Finances

published 1987 by Bedford Square Press of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO)

ISBN: 9780719911767


Still widely used by small voluntary organisations to help them get their bookkeeping in order.

Coops with a difference_edited.jpg

Co-ops with a Difference, published 1986 by ICOM Co-publications
ISBN: 9780946776078
Ways to employ people normally excluded from the workplace are clearly described. It is still referred to as a 'seminal work' on the subject of integrated employment.

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