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• festival of angels •

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When Police Liquor Licensing Officer Jack Fisher pulls Carmen Romero’s permission to sell booze her The Palace music venue, at first she believes it is for bona-fide legal reasons.


Then she finds that The Palace is a cog in the local drug trafficking machine and she wonders if it is operated by the police force itself.


As Carmen's strange past emerges, Jack is ready to pull more than a license to unearth it.


Johnny Wing, sound engineer, immigrant, and loner, watches it all with his own agenda to service... while Carmen's boy Chico roams the streets, noting everthing.

Against the backdrop of York’s annual ice event, Festival of Angels, an intricate web of lies and intrigue ensnares them all.


When Jack’s own child goes missing, nothing seems to add up...

“With over forty characters, this is story telling on a grand scale..."

"The drugs racket is just a sprinkling of angel dust on a story... principally about a much deeper issue...Of what is the Spirit made?
Here, not of family, religion or ethnicity, but of trust and accident of place...”

Karen Maitland, DREAMCATCHER

“I haven’t enjoyed a book so much since I read Captain Corelli’s Mandolin” 
Patricia Neal, Derby

festival of angels

published 2003 by ENDpapers Ltd

isbn 978-0-9563980-2-4

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