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Southside Wellbeing Festival - Glasgow
Launch of City of Poets, May 22, 2022

Green ECOnet Conference - Brussels (thru English and French)
Keynote speaker - as Magdalena Chávez
May 26, 2016
Developing Capacity within SMEs toward a circular economy
Address to government representatives of Member States, most significantly ministers for employment. 
In particular the rôle of capital within a social economy.
Moving toward a new metric for measuring success.
Transferable model of concrete examples provided through our work.

Some events prior to 2016...

IMPARTS - Leeds 

(through English)

Presentation - as Maggi Sikking

Developing multinational partners for an EU wide

electronic medical record.

International Girl Guides - Malta 

(through English & French)

Keynote speaker - as Maggi Sikking

Developing international relations within youth groups.

International Mechatronics Conference - London 

(through English)

After Dinner Speech, London - as Maggi Sikking

Light entertainment for conference delegates.

COMPRIS - Brussels 

(through English, French & Spanish)  

Presentation - as Maggi Sikking

Workpackages for largest EU funding award for

economic development in Yorkshire & Humberside.

EVH - Manchester 

(through English)

Presentation - as Maggi Sikking

The social import of telematics for local communities.

International Youth Conference - Sevilla


The Future of Work - as Maggi Sikking

Telematics and opportunities for employment.

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