Anne Sikking was born in the USA to European White and Native American teenagers. At less than three years old they left her behind. 


A new family took her to England. There she lived for six months with a third family who became a life long influence. Aged eleven, there was relocation to the mid-west of the USA.


Throughout her teens family and friends fell in the Vietnam battlefield. At seventeen she left the USA for Denmark, then France and Germany. After two years she moved to London, travelled to Sri Lanka, and returned to a degree in Philosophy at the University of York. 


Employment in worker cooperatives led to contracts within government and ultimately to managing transnational projects with the then European Commission.


Once a parent, she established restaurants in Spain and England. In 2018 she moved to Scotland and now lives in Glasgow.


The variety of experiences has equipped her with plenty of material as a writer.


In 2012 she recovered her birth name, Roanne Sikking, and now uses Anne Sikking and A. Sikking for all of her work.

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